Monday, September 21, 2015

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Yum Yum Wins 'Best Thai Restaurant in London 2021'

Janomot Desk: On Sunday the 21st of November, Yum Yum Thai Restaurant Stoke Newington, London won the Best Thai Restaurant

'Natural antioxidants can keep heart healthy during winters, Covid-19

Janomot report: In view of the winter season and Covid-19 pandemic, health experts on Saturday said that taking natural antioxidants

Easy microwave recipes for a restaurant dining experience at home

Janomot report: Most of the city dwellers are confined inside homes for an uncertain period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Types Of Tea And Their Health Benefits

Janomot report: Tea might have originated in China thousands of years ago, but the beverage is one of the most

How to work the ‘Work from home’ wardrobe?

Janomot report: It’s been six months now since we have been confined to the four corners of our home. With

Nora Fatehi Has 15 Million Followers on Instagram Now

Janomot report: Dancing sensation and actress Nora Fatehi now has a fan following of whopping 15 million on Instagram. Nora

4 traditional eid dishes from around the world perfect for 'Eid Al-Adha'

Janomot report: Food is an integral part of the celebration when it comes to any festival! And the holy festival

How to make fruity sorbet with just your trusty fork

Janomot report: With sweltering waves of heat taking over the country, we’re all on the lookout for some delicious refreshments

Delicious frozen yogurt treats to keep you cool this summer

Janomot report: It’s summer, and it’s hot – I think that's the reality for anyone in the lower half of

To beat lockdown weight gain, no need to stop comfort eating

Janomot report: The novelty of daily workouts has begun to wear off and taking its place are long overdue

Must-taste Turkish desserts

Janomot report: While traveling to a country, tasting its traditional desserts is a must, especially if the country is Turkey.

4 reasons you should nibble on some cacao on World Chocolate Day

Janomot report: Although there are few and far between who don’t like any kind of chocolate at all,

UK: Fathers fighting for rights amid pandemic

Janomot report: As the world marks Father’s Day on Sunday, experts sounded the alarm on marginalized fathers who have been

Coronavirus: Safety tips for pregnant mothers

Janomot report: Being mother is a heavenly blessing of nature for women. During the nine-month journey of pregnancy, the expecting

Camping: Getting rid of virus blues with nature's green

Janomot report: With fancy hotels and all-inclusive holiday packages having lost their allure for many as the novel coronavirus pandemic

Wonderfully weird and delicious desserts for self-quarantine

Janomot report: After being stuck at home day after day, one starts to crave some good desserts. Seeing that we

Jam, jelly, chutney and marmalade: All the ways you can preserve your summer fruit

Janomot report: With coronavirus restrictions easing in many countries and summer ramping up its heat, the fresh fruits of the

Wondering what to do with all that pasta? Give these 3 easy-bake pasta recipes a try in COVID-19 self-isolation

Janomot report: Pasta is one of those items every kitchen always seems to have in stock. The unleavened, doughy foodstuff

2 plant-based, eco-friendly recipes to celebrate World Environment Day

Janomot report: We only have this one world, and trying to keep it in tip-top shape should be something everyone

Does COVID-19 transmit through meat and vegetables?

Janomot report: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a leading, national public health institute of the United

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