Monday, September 21, 2015

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NASA captures rare asteroid worth 70,000 times world economy

Janomot report: U.S. area company NASA has captured an uncommon asteroid the dimensions of Massachusetts orbiting between Mars and Jupiter

US jury asks Apple to pay $503 million for infringing VPN technology patented by VirnetX

Janomot report: A jury in Texas on Friday decided that Apple should pay $503 million for infringing virtual private network

Asteroid heading towards Earth a day before US elections: NASA

Janomot report: The US Presidential elections are always a huge affair and comes with its own problems and controversies. This

Facebook refused to check hate speech by India's BJP fearing business fallout: WSJ report

Janomot report: An India right-wing politician who has called for violence against Muslims and threatened to raze mosques continues to

Facebook begins merging Instagram, Messenger chats, says report

Janomot report: Facebook has reportedly started merging Instagram and Messenger chats -- in a bid to allow cross-messaging among its

Virgin Galactic unveils supersonic jet design

Janomot report: Virgin Galactic this week unveiled the design of its supersonic jet, which it promises will “open up a

Google unveils new budget phone, teases 5G devices

Janomot report: Google on Monday unveiled a new, more affordable Pixel smartphone and said it would launch models tailored for

NASA astronauts splash down after journey home aboard SpaceX capsule

Janomot report: US astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who flew to the International Space Station in SpaceX’s new Crew

Nasa astronauts head home on SpaceX Dragon as storm eases (Video)

Janomot report: SpaceX and Nasa have begun the return flight of two astronauts from the International Space Station while keeping

U.S. astronauts pack up for rare splashdown in SpaceX capsule

Janomot report: Two U.S. astronauts about to make the first splashdown return in 45 years said Friday they'll have seasick

China says its Beidou system now fully operational, to challenge US’s GPS

Janomot report: China on Friday said its fully operational home-made Beidou navigation satellite system is ready to provide global services,

NASA launches Mars rover to find signs of ancient life

Janomot report: NASA has launched its new Mars rover, Perseverance, on a six-month journey to the Red Planet as part

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