Death toll exceed 1.2 million

Published:  07:10 AM, 03 November 2020

Global COVID-19 cases top 46.8m: Johns Hopkins

Global COVID-19 cases top 46.8m: Johns Hopkins

Janomot report: More than 1.2 million people have died from Covid-19 in the world  and 46.8 million people have been infected with the virus, according to the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University.

The death toll from Covid-19 in the world reached 1,205, 221 while the total caseload surpassed 46,801,621 as of Tuesday morning.

The U.S. has registered 231,510 deaths with 9,284,966 infections – both the highest in the world.

The country has reported 81,493 new confirmed cases and 447 deaths on Monday.

Brazil has recorded 160,074 deaths, a death toll second only to the U.S'. India has the world's third largest death toll at 122,607 and the second largest caseload of more than 8.2 million.

Countries with over 33,000 fatalities also include Mexico, Britain, Italy, France Spain, Iran, and Peru.

The global COVID-19 death toll reached the grim milestone of 1 million on September 28.

The other top 15 countries with the maximum amount of cases are Brazil (5,545,705), Russia (1,642,665), France (1,460,745), Spain (1,240,697), Argentina (1,183,131), Colombia (1,083,321), the UK (1,057,021), Mexico (933,155), Peru (902,503), Italy (731,588), South Africa (727,595), Iran (628,780), Germany (560,586), Chile (513,140), and Iraq (478,701), the CSSE figures showed.

Brazil currently accounts for the second highest number of fatalities at 160,074.

The countries with a death toll above 10,000 are Mexico (92,100), the UK (46,943), Italy (39,059), France (37,485), Spain (35,878), Iran (36,257), Peru (34,476), Colombia (31,653), Argentina (31,623), Russia (28,264), South Africa (19,465), Chile (14,302), Indonesia (14,044), Ecuador (12,692), Belgium (11,737), Iraq (11,017), Germany (10,573), Turkey (10,402) and Canada (10,262).

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