Published:  12:22 PM, 01 January 2021 Last Update: 12:27 PM, 01 January 2021

Schools in England to remain close more weeks!!!

Schools in England to remain close more weeks!!!

Sabrina Akter Shompa: Students will be flying high now as most of the schools in England will be remaining close for two more weeks. Primary and Secondary schools to remain close for two more weeks after the Christmas holidays, due to not ending soon coronavirus.

 Gavin Alexander Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, has informed about this decision. The schools specially in the zone with Tier-4 will remain close in this tough circumstance.

 Presently all the schools in the whole England are close till 4th of January 2021 due to Christmas holidays. This holiday has been increased till 18th Of January 2021 in Tier-4 Zones. This holiday would be renewed in every two weeks depending on the situation.

 Moreover, the primary and the secondary schools have been initiated into the movement like corona tests in schools. Panicked parents are demanding more safety for their kids in schools. But GSI and A level students of Secondary schools need to re-join their classes from 11th of January 2021 due to exams informed, Education Secretary.

 In 49 regions including London and Essex schools will remain close for those two more weeks after the decision has been taken. Millions of students will get that extra holidays because of quickly spreading coronavirus.

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