Published:  07:01 PM, 02 January 2021

A spoonful mishmash on vaccination plan!!!

A spoonful mishmash on vaccination plan!!!

Sabrina Akter Shompa: Just after approving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for use, there been a bit mess on vaccination plan after criticism from doctors’ union in the United Kingdom. There will be 12 weeks gap between giving both parts of the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines.

 In the first instance the plan was to set a gap of 21 days between the Pfizer jabs. But after the criticism from the doctors’ union, the chief medical officers have endorsed the vaccination plan and decided to give both parts of the vaccines 12 weeks apart.

 This decision is patently upsetting for the people waiting for the second dose of vaccine. Now they have to wait few more weeks. Though the decision to leave a gap of 12 weeks is digestibly, caused concern.

 However, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was the first vaccine approved in the UK, and the Oxford-AstraZeneca is the second one approved recently. Reportedly more than 944,500 people have had their first jab.

 Moreover, the vaccine potency depends on the gap duration between the two jabs. And vaccine’s effectiveness shows only when the two vaccines are given 21 days apart, says Pfizer after testing.

 Though, the chief medical officers claimed that the initial protection in a great majority approached after the first jab. They further said, the dose of second vaccine is credibly to be very important for the duration of protection and a suitable dose interval may increase vaccine efficacy.

 Reportedly the UK is facing a crisis of public health but the move is about the nuts and bolts. Despite the fact, there is a concern of supplying the vaccine as the millions of doses are pre-ordered.

 The undertaken decision of 12 weeks gap between both of the jabs after the criticism is widely affecting those people who are due to the second dose soon.

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