Published:  01:06 PM, 25 January 2021

New support service for those affected by domestic abuse

New support service for those affected by domestic abuse

Tower Hamlets Council has appointed the leading domestic andsexual violence charity, Solace, to provide vital community support to anyoneaffected by domestic abuse in the borough.  

The new service, TH SASS (Solace Advocacy and SupportService), launched in Tower Hamlets on Monday 4 January. TH SASS isstaffed by a team of independent domestic violence advocates,some of which willbe based at Poplar Job Centre and Tower Hamlets Housing Options once Covid-19restrictions are lifted. Residents can currently access the service over phoneor email.  

TH SASS offers one to one specialist support to victims,providing them with information and advocacy to increase safety and meet arange of needs. This can include ongoing safety concerns, economic, emotionalor housing support as well as reporting to the police or obtaining civilorders. 

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said: ‘’Domesticabuse is a significant problem, which is why we want to make sure there are thebest possible services in place that can help those affected in our borough.Solace is the latest addition to a range of support available to Tower Hamletsresidents to make sure that victims get the help they need and are protectedfrom perpetrators.”  

Almost one in three women aged 16-59 will experiencedomestic abuse in her lifetime and according to the UN, the Covid-19 lockdownmeasures have resulted in an alarming increase in domestic violencereporting.  

The council is committed to working in partnership withstatutory and community organisations to prevent domestic abuse and reduce theharm it causes to individuals, families and the community as a whole. 

Councillor Asma Begum, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member forCommunity Safety, Youth and Equalities, said: “We are pleased to beworking with Solace to continue our work to help victims of domestic abuse.Everyone deserves to live a life without fear and this new service will makesure everyone affected by domestic abuse is given the specialist support theyneed to build safer lives and stronger futures.”   

Solace is the leading specialist charity in London workingto end violence against women and girls. Last year, Solace provided life-savingsupport to over 27,000 women, children and young people, and men in thecapital. 

Anyone who would like access to support from Solace cancall 0203 795 5064 or  



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