By election in Loxford ward in Redbridge Council

Published:  12:21 AM, 14 April 2021 Last Update: 12:23 AM, 14 April 2021

Ohid Uddin officially declared as a candidate

Ohid Uddin officially declared as a candidate

OnFriday the 9, election commissioner for Redbridge council declared MohammedOhid Uddin as a candidate to participate in the by election of Loxford ward.

InFebruary liberal Democratic party nominated him due to his extensivecontributions. He is running for councillor on behalf of the Lib Dems party.

LastFriday, Mohammed visited mosques and met local residents. Local residents ofLoxford ward supported and encouraged Mohammed for his participation. It was afruitful campaign. Along with Mohammed, the Liberal Democratic activists werecanvassing. He already started visit door to door to meet the residents andwill discuss the issues in Loxford.