Published:  12:43 PM, 25 May 2021 Last Update: 02:07 PM, 25 May 2021

Mayor of Tower Hamlets welcomes the reopening of the Rich Mix

Mayor of Tower Hamlets welcomes the reopening of the Rich Mix Judith Kilvington CEO and Mayor John Biggs at Rich Mix entrance

Mayorof Tower Hamlets John Biggs joined Rich Mix CEO Judith Kilvington, staff andcustomers for the long-awaited re-opening of their cinema.

Aftera year like no other for the arts and cultural industries, everyone at Rich Mixwas incredibly excited to welcome their audiences back and to share in cultureand creativity once again.

Tocelebrate the return of the big screen, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggsvisited the cultural arts hub in Bethan Green Road ahead of their first showingof Oscar winning film Minari at 5.45pm on Friday 21 May.

TheMayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs said: “The return of our cultural businessesis very welcome news. Tower Hamlets has some of the best arts and culturalorganisations in London, and they’ve had a particularly hard time not beingable to reopen their doors until now. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve done allwe can to support our businesses with advice, information, signposting,and funding. We’ve provided more than £144m in grant funding, over £103m inbusiness rates relief and will continue to support local businesses as theyrebuild and bounce back after the crisis. It’s a pleasure to be at thereopening of Rich Mix and I welcome their cautious approach to reopeningsafely, and wish them all the best.”

Mayor John Biggs has his temperature taken upon entry

JudithKilvington, Rich Mix CEO, said: “On behalf of the whole Rich Mix team, we’dlike to thank Mayor John Biggs for visiting us as we reopen our doors afterwhat has been a tumultuous year for us all. Whilst we’ve managed to offer freecreative and wellbeing sessions online for our community during our closure,nothing replaces the feeling of a building buzzing with activity and meetingour audiences and participants in person. We’re taking steps to open upcautiously, prioritising the safety of our team and visitors, with the visionthat we will get back to being that hub of culture and creativity once more. Iknow those visiting us in these first few weeks will have even more of a RichMix welcome than usual - your support means a huge amount.”

TheCouncil has a dedicated enterprise team working to support the local businesscommunity. The team works in partnership with local and national agencies toprovide businesses with relevant training, advice on subjects such as businessplanning, marketing, raising finance and becoming fit to supply.

RichMix’s cinema programme is now online and ready for bookings. Next week Rich Mixwill be hosting the UK Asian Film Festival, an annual celebration championingSouth Asian films and supporting pioneering artists and auteurs. Theirprogramme of nine films kicks off on Thursday 27 May.

Tofind out more about how services offered to businesses, including coronavirussupport, advice and information, go to


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