Published:  07:44 PM, 04 June 2021

Historic England award £90,000 for Petticoat Lane cultural programme

Historic England award £90,000 for Petticoat Lane cultural programme

Tower Hamlets Council, in partnership with Toynbee Hall andother local art and culture partners, are delighted to announce a £90,000Historic England grant to create and deliver community-led cultural activitieson the high street over the next three years, including Petticoat Lane market,as part of the High Streets Heritage Action Zone on Wentworth Street.

As part of this programme, a communitydecision-making group made up of local stallholders, businesses, creatives andresidents will collectively design, curate and deliver a vibrant culturalprogramme of art experiences, bi-monthly activities and an annual Festival ofPetticoat Lane. The programme will seek to celebrate the area’s uniquelylayered and blended cultural heritage, shaped by many different communitiesover the decades. Creatives will be commissioned to produce specific landmarkexperiences on the high street that are locally relevant, include local peoplein design and construction, and raise the profile of the area to a broaderaudience.

With the support of an experienced CulturalConsortium, the programme will increase awareness of Petticoat Lane and itsmarket, increasing footfall and supporting thousands of people to discover andmake use of this space. This news comes alongside additional investment in theneighbourhood, as Tower Hamlets Council’s High Streets and Town Centres teamare delivering shopfront improvement and refurbishment and conversion of theLeyden Street Toilet, which also has been supported by grant funding from theHigh Streets Heritage Action Zone Scheme.

This is part of the four-year-long HighStreets Heritage Action Zones’ Cultural Programme, led by Historic England, inpartnership with Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.The Cultural Programme aims to make our high streets more attractive, engagingand vibrant places for people to live, work and spend time. Wentworth Streetconservation area is one of more than 60 high streets across England to receivea share of £6 million for their cultural programme. 

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said“We are delighted tobe supporting the work of the Cultural Consortium over the next three years andare embracing this opportunity to celebrate the rich cultural heritage ofWentworth Street. This area has an incredible history, and together with ourlocal partners, residents, and businesses, we’ll work to ensure this investmentbenefits our local community.” 

Sam Crosby, Community Services &Cultural Programming Manager, Toynbee Hall, said: “Toynbee Hall areexcited to be involved in helping people who live, work, and study in thePetticoat Lane area to celebrate their heritage and present by designing andcommissioning their own world-class cultural programme.”

Emily Gee, Regional Director, HistoricEngland in London and the South East, said: “The High Streets CulturalProgramme is such an important – and exciting – way of bringing people back totheir cherished high streets in need of love. We are working together toregenerate historic high streets through conservation and building work, andthis community-led cultural activity programme will draw people back to enlivenand shape these special places for the future.”

The funding builds on the success of a seriesof pilot cultural projects that have run since last August across 43 HighStreet Heritage Action Zones. They have not only helped high streets offercultural activity during lockdown, but also discovered what local people wouldlike to see happening on their high streets. 



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