Published:  11:20 PM, 05 August 2021 Last Update: 12:21 PM, 09 August 2021

DWP work coaches are helping jobseekers find work

DWP work coaches are helping jobseekers find work

A new campaign showcasing how Work Coaches are helpingjobseekers back into work through a government website has been recentlyrelaunched by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The campaign aims to increase usage of the JobHelp website,as well as raising awareness and increasing uptake of the Work Coach support,government skills, employment and support programmes and training coursesavailable to those eligible.

DWP’s ‘jobs army’ of Work Coaches, including 13,500additional recruits taken on since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, are using onlineresource JobHelp to tackle unemployment in the UK.

The JobHelp website opens up the expertise of DWP WorkCoaches to jobseekers who are unable to claim Universal Credit (UC), whileoffering UC customers an online resource to refer back to throughout their jobsearch.

Over 58% of Black Asian Minority Ethnic workers have hadtheir employment affected since the start of the pandemic, compared to 47% ofwhite workers. Bangladeshi’s are most affected with 80% reporting a change intheir employment circumstances, compared to 58% of Pakistani’s; and 55% of theUK’s Indian population.

Furthermore, women across all ethnicities have beendisproportionately affected compared to men. Overall, 52% of women have seentheir employment affected as a result of the pandemic compared to 45% of men.This includes 70% of Asian women, who have reported a loss in income or changeto their employment situation.

Among those impacted was 21-year-old Tamanna Begum fromBirmingham, who lost her job in March 2020. After being unemployed for almost ayear, Tamanna had begun to feel disheartened. “It can be the worst feeling inthe world,” shares Tamanna. “You spend so much time on your application, andthink it’s going well - but then you don’t hear anything back.”

But things started to change when Tamanna met Raj, a DWPYouth Employability Coach, who was tasked with helping Tamanna find work. Withover 30 years of experience, Raj is an experienced Work Coach and knew exactlywhat to do. “My job is extremely rewarding,” says Raj. “I love being able tomake a positive change by helping people move forward in their lives.”

Raj helped Tamanna by first identifying the strengths andweaknesses of her CV. She used the JobHelp website to find the latest tips andguidance and worked with Tamanna to make necessary improvements. Packed withtips on everything from how to craft a perfect CV to perfecting videointerviewing skills, the JobHelp website is a good place for jobseekers tostart their job search, particularly as the economy starts to pick up.

“As restrictions ease, organisations across the country willincreasingly be looking for new people to join them. If you’re applying forwork, the JobHelp website can help you find these vacancies and support youwith every stage of your application,” says Mims Davies MP, Minister forEmployment. “We know this has been a challenging time, but we are serious aboutsupporting Britain’s workforce as we build back better.”

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