Published:  03:33 PM, 14 August 2021 Last Update: 03:40 PM, 14 August 2021

Photo exhibition on the ‘Bangabandhu and the story of Bangladesh’ in Ankara

Photo exhibition on the ‘Bangabandhu and the story of Bangladesh’ in Ankara

12August 2021/Ankara: As part of the celebration of the MUIJIB YEAR, a 4-dayphoto exhibition on the theme,’ Bangabandhu and the story of Bangladesh’ wasorganized jointly with the Çhankaya Municipality of Ankara by the Embassy ofBangladesh in Ankara.

Theevent was formally opened at the Zülfü Livanelli Kültür Merkezı, Çhankaya(cultural centre) on 12 August by Bangladesh Ambassador Mr. Mosud Mannan NDCalong with Deputy Mayor of Çankaya Municipality Ms. Gülsün Bor Güner, DeputyDirector General of Overseas Promotion and Cultural Affairs of Ministry ofForeign Affairs Mr. Umut Acar.

Theexhibition will continue until 15th August. Despite the on going Covid-19situation, the inaugural programme was attended by significant number ofattendees which included Government and Embassy representatives, journalists,cultural personalities, academicians and enthusiastic citizens of Turkey.Around 100 photos of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are being displayed.

Inhis welcoming speech, Bangladesh Ambassador Mr. Mosud Mannan ndc said that thephoto exhibition is an initiative to showcase the life, struggle, sacrifice andachievement of Bangabandhu before the people of Turkey as well as to shareglimpses of modern Bangladesh.

"Theevent holds special significance as it is being held in the Mujib Year markingthe celebration of the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,the Father of the Nation and Founder of Bangladesh."