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Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival – opening night

Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival – opening night

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Friday 5 November
Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival – opening night

You are invited to the opening night of the Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival.
Location: Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, Whitechapel, E1 5HU
Time: Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 7.30pm prompt
RSVP: [email protected] by 5pm, Friday 29 October
About the Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival
As the borough marks the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh, The Freedom and Independence Theatre Festival forms part of a nine-month celebration of Bangladeshi history, arts and culture to mark the jubilee birthday of Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan.
Themes of freedom and independence have inspired the plays and events that make up this year’s programme. The variety of plays on offer cover topics such as the plight of women, the tales of freedom fighters, the journeys of refugees such as the Rohingya and Vietnamese, as well as the power of protest.
The festival includes a fringe programme of events including a Bengali heritage walk, film screenings, an international youth writing project, talks and exhibitions. There will also be opportunities for audiences to participate through question-and-answer sessions, and to engage in the richness of poetry, music and dance.
For further information and full programme listings, go to
Gerrard Winstanley’s True and Righteous Mobile Incitement by Daedalus Theatre Company
Dissent and rebellion are as English as rainy bank holidays, cream teas and plundering foreign countries. But the great radical moments of our history are often forgotten or ignored.  Many people today struggle to find a voice and feel alienated from politics. Even our past is under threat: the UK Government’s official history for citizenship tests omits the Peasants Revolt, the Diggers, the Tolpuddle Martyrs...
The Black Smock Band has joined with Daedalus Theatre Company to tour the country with their homemade Mobile Incitement Unit. They aim to reclaim history and idealism for the dissenters and rebels. They share big, positive ideas and form a collective voice. The result is an uplifting gig-theatre show from an LGBTQ+ led company. It tells the story of English protest and dissent through songs which span six centuries. This show reflects the history of each place it visits. It invites local guest performers to join and will celebrate east London within the context of protest in England.  It’s a bold and entertaining invitation to audiences to reclaim our history of progressive thought and radicalism.

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