Published:  08:18 PM, 12 May 2022 Last Update: 08:22 PM, 12 May 2022

Sumi Mirza prefers to sing on stage

Sumi Mirza prefers to sing on stage
Sumi Mirza, a promising musician of the present time, has won the hearts of the listeners through a number of songs including 'Binodini Rai', 'Tumi Bandhu Krishna Hale Ami Hobo Radha', 'Naya Daman' and 'Nirjan Jamuna Kule'.
She is now busy with one show after another. Besides, the singer is also performing various stage shows regularly in home and abroad.
Sumi Mirza recently sang a folk song with a male singer, Kamruzzaman Rabbi, for the first time in her career.
She sang two songs with Rabbi. Besides, she has sung basic songs in her own writing and melody.
Now, the singer is currently busy with basic songs.
Sumi Mirza said that she will have two covers and nine original songs in a few days.

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