Published:  04:17 PM, 04 June 2022

Padma Bridge lit on trial basis

Padma Bridge lit on trial basis
Work is underway on the Padma Bridge to connect the lamps that have already been installed on the country's longest bridge to the power grid.
Project authorities have completed installation of 415 lampposts on the 6.15km bridge and 200 lampposts on the approach roads.
The work to connect the lamps to the electricity grid will be completed in the next two to three days, if the weather and other conditions are favourable, said Padma Bridge Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Saddam Hossain.
There are some posts on the Mawa and Jazira ends of the bridge that are yet to be connected to the substations.
An engineer, wishing to remain anonymous, said lights may be lit on the bridge on a trial basis between June 10 and June 15.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the bridge on June 25.
There are 415 lampposts. Of these, 328 lampposts have been set up on the main bridge, 46 on the viaduct on the Jazira side and 41 on the viaduct on the Mawa side.
On the approach road at the Mawa end, 103 lampposts have been set up, while 97 lampposts have been set up at the Jazira end.

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