Published:  02:42 PM, 16 June 2022

Bigland Green Primary School celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Bigland Green Primary School celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Bigland Green Primary School organised a special parade on Friday 27 March.  Pupils, parents, governors and staff members walked through the local community with bunting, flags, crowns and hats that the children had made as part of their class project.  The parade went down Bigland Street to Commercial Road and then through Watney Market.  Some of the local people also joined the parade. 


The parade included 490 children, 100 staff members and a large number of parents. 


Pupils at Bigland Green had been learning about the key events in different decades over the past 70 years of the Queens reign.  The learning has been built on children’s understanding of the ‘Big Values’ which the school has been promoting over the past six years.  It also allowed pupils to ask ‘Big Questions’ about some of the key event in England and beyond over the past seven decades.  The event saw the whole school take part in a range of fun activities to honour the Queens reign. There were special presentations that the children held in their classes with their peers to share their learning.


Pupil said: 'It has been really fun celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and learning about the key achievements in British History while she has been Queen. I was really proud to join the parade because we shared our learning and celebrated with the local community.'


Staff said: 'The children have been extremely engaged and enthusiastic to learn about the Queen's 70 year reign and all that she has achieved. It has given us an opportunity to develop our curriculum so children learn about successes in British history but also the accomplishments within East London’.​



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