Published:  04:59 PM, 29 August 2022 Last Update: 05:01 PM, 29 August 2022

Feel me near : Afroja Parvin

Feel me near : Afroja Parvin

In my heart there are waves
Deepest love is there,
In my eyes see affection
Feel me, I am near.

In the windy weather
Cloudless blue sky,
I hold you in my arms.
You are very shy.

Feel storm in the heart,
No sleep in the eyes,
I see night dreams
Those are very nice.

See the garden by window
Romance in my mind
I write about your story
As you are very kind.

Aroma flowers in the grove,
I will make the earring
My chest is full of fragrance
Our friendship is for sharing.

Finding the memories back,
Slowly in my heart,
The compassionate mind speaks
Please don't go apart.

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