By Imran Chowdhury B.EM

Published:  01:48 PM, 26 September 2022 Last Update: 05:22 PM, 26 September 2022

The Queen - The British Nation & The Royal Family - The Monarchy

The Queen - The British Nation  & The Royal Family - The Monarchy

With a heavy heart, I am penning this eulogy, the passing of the Queen on the 8th of September. It was perhaps one of the saddest news for the British and the world. The longest serving monarch probably in the world, a shining light of duty, devotion and wisdom.

The news of her demise immediately gripped the British isles and her people with shock, condolences, dismay and bereaved. The TV stations, the radios, the internet, and all other public communication apparatus and mediums instantaneously dedicated all their attention to paying homage, and respect, reflecting on her life, her reign and, of course, her personality. Circa 480 TV channels, 600 radio stations in the UK and thousands of others worldwide stopped all their scheduled programmes to announce Her Majesty's death. They all began to mourn, dedicate an obituary, narrate heartfelt eulogies and bestow reverences, which was perhaps one of the most unprecedented outpourings of respect & set forth of the 21st century.

The solemn final journey of the late Queen from Balmoral to Edinburgh to London to finally to Windsor was one of the most mournful journeys the British nation has ever endured in their living memory. The people have laid an estimated 10 - 15 tons of bouquets, and around 60 million flowers were offered at the symbolic altars of her palaces, royal houses and castles.

Poignant and extremely heart-rendering scenes of devotion, dedication and worshipful commendation by her children, grandchildren and the rest of the nation during the late Queen's lying - in - State both in St Giles Cathedral and Westminster Hall. Two hundred fifty thousand people paid their respect in Westminster Hall. Some 750,000 people stood along the Queen's cortege procession. A staggering 29 million people in the UK watched her funeral on TV. An estimate suggests that around 4 billion people watched the funeral from all over the world.

The State funeral and the immediate congregation of the world leaders, royals, the clergy and members of the public was one of the quintessence of the exhibition of respect and showcased her prominence on the world stage.

The precision, solemnity, and Military pageantry of the British  & commonwealth armed forces' united state funeral is unseen and will make a brilliant place in world military history. British isles stood still for the ten days of these periods of mourning of their most revered Queen. It was so touching to see her laid to rest by the royal family. Long live the memories of Queen Elizabeth II ;

These events surrounding the late Queen's final days have portrayed an enormous quantum of camaraderie, repeatedly proving and parading the subtle coexistence of a constitutional monarchy and democracy. The niche arrangement of running the country with these galvanising institutions has probably stunned the world.

The New King, King Charles III, and the royal family are authentic traditions and emblems of excellence.

This expression and demonstration of love, affection, reverence and the  esprit de corps of the whole nation towards the royal family and the monarchism  and vice versa yet again emboldens the peaceful coexistence of intrinsicality.


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