Published:  08:22 PM, 02 December 2022

New Tower Hamlets environmental team to take on litter and grime

New Tower Hamlets environmental team to take on litter and grime A new team of environmental coordinators: Kolsum Sattar, Azedin El Ahmadi, Marshall Savage and Ruhul Ali

London, 2 December: A new team ofenvironmental coordinators will focus on making the streets of Tower Hamletscleaner and greener. 

Acting as liaisonbetween the community and the council, the environmental coordinators will beout on the streets talking and listening to residents and recommendingimprovements. They will also work to keep litter and dumped waste off thestreets, as well as hosting clean ups and educational events.  

On Saturday 3December the team is hosting two events – one in Middleton Green Park, OldBethnal Green Road from 12pm to 4pm and the other at Raines House in Wapping aspart of the Polyanna Christmas Fair from 11am to 5.30pm. Both events to giveresidents and local businesses the chance to discuss their ideas and concernswith council officers about how best to clean-up the local area.  

These clean-upand community engagement events are part of a council’s year-long programme toaddress the issue of street waste. It will include improving our refuse areasin commercial and residential spaces; working with the public so there is abetter understanding of the litter problem and how the community can helpreduce it; and promotion of our high streets and green spaces to attractingmore people to visit local businesses. 

The programmefollows a trial event that took place on Saturday 8 October where volunteers,including local businesses, organisations and residents, got together to deepclean Bethnal Green. The volunteers, which included members of the local litterpicking group, WaSH Wombles and Bethnal Green McDonald’s, cleared approximately25 bags of street litter at the family-friendly event. 

CllrKabir Hussain, Cabinet Member for Environment and the Climate Emergency, said: “We know our streets are toodirty and that is why the Mayor of Tower Hamlets has declared a wasteemergency. We are looking at all parts of street cleaning, commercial waste,refuse collections and problems such as dumped rubbish. 

“To besuccessful, we need to work with our residents and business and that is why weare creating the new environmental coordinator team.  

“While we havemore work to do as a council to improve our service, we also need people to disposeof their waste properly and take waste home after visiting our streets andparks if there is no room in the bins.  

“Tower Hamlets isour home – we want everyone to be proud to live here and to enjoy a cleanenvironment.”  

About the eventthat took place on October 8, volunteers commented, saying:  

MdKabir, Business Manager at Bethnal Green McDonald’s, said:  “As a business, itwas fantastic to be involved in the recent clean up and local community eventin Bethnal Green. Bethnal Green McDonald’s are always willing to support thelocal council and we are keen to participate in joint clean up and litter pickevents in future, as we care about the cleanliness of our neighbourhood.” 

PaulKellaway, volunteer at the local litter-picking group WaSH Wombles, said: “As a volunteer litterpicker, it's fantastic to see the council getting out on the streets to speakto residents. I was pleased to meet two of the new neighbourhood managers whowere passionate about working with businesses and residents to make TowerHamlets a better place to live, work and play.  

“While thecouncil has the job of cleaning up the streets, we need to recognise thatbusinesses, residents and visitors have a role to play in changing ourbehaviours to reduce the amount of rubbish being left on the street in thefirst place.  

“If you areinterested in getting a local litter picking group started you can find theWaSh Wombles on social media as @washwombles or visit andfeel free to join us on our litter picks in Wapping, Shadwell and StepneyGreen.” 

Tower HamletsCouncil is keen to support community action groups like the WaSh Wombles acrossthe borough.  Please get in touch with our Environmental Services Teamat [email protected] formore information.  

For moreinformation about the Pollyanna Christmas Fair, please visit:  

For moreinformation about how to properly dispose of your waste as a resident, pleasevisit our website here: 

Businesses mustuse a commercial waste service. More information here:  


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