Published:  05:11 PM, 17 February 2024

Over 2,200 new electric vehicle chargers coming to Tower Hamlets in the next two years

Over 2,200 new electric vehicle chargers coming to Tower Hamlets in the next two years

Tower Hamlets, LONDON: London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council's Cabinet has approved the installation of over 2,200 new electric vehicle chargers across Tower Hamlets over the next two years. 


In total, there will be 2,245 chargers installed from 2024 to 2026 which will be made of a mix of charging point types including 45 rapid chargers. These charging points will be delivered through a range of supplier and government grant funding.

The decision is part of ensuring that Tower Hamlets is ready for the future and has the proper infrastructure to support cleaner, greener travelling as the number of electric cars on the roads continues to increase. In the past five years, demand for electric chargers has soared, with the ownership of electric vehicles in the borough increasing by 121% compared to the previous five years.

Currently, there are 327 street lighting column charging points and 23 fast charging electric vehicle points in the borough. The new installation programme approved by Cabinet will significantly increase the availability of the current electric vehicle charging provision.

Lutfur Rahman, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “We know that residents and businesses are increasingly shifting to electric vehicles, and as a council we are keen to support this transition. The ambitious installation of new electric vehicle chargers will help bring our street infrastructure into the future and will be designed to meet an ever-growing demand.


“As part of responding to the climate emergency, we are working to lower emissions across the borough while continuing to develop a transport network that is fit for purpose. A cleaner, greener borough means encouraging more use of sustainable transport methods, including electric vehicles.”

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